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The Road Ahead For Don Mariano

Yesterday’s general elections in Spain saw the centre-right Partido Popular win a landslide victory and secure an absolute majority in both houses of the Spanish parliament (with 186 out of 350 MPs and 130 out of 208 Senators). The win was widely expec…

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Changing mood?

Once upon a time, the so-called ‘Franco-German axis’ was seen as the single currency’s indestructible bulwark. And if one stopped at the passionate statements made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy over the past f…

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Yesterday’s Franco–German summit produced two major proposals (or re-proposals if you like), aimed at saving (again) the euro and the eurozone economies: a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) and a ‘debt brake’ for all 17 eurozone members.

After plenty …

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