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Dead Country Walking?

The Portuguese government is breathing a sigh of relief after today’s bond auction, in which Portugal managed to sell €1.25 billion of its debt. Crucially, €599 million of ten-year bonds were sold at an average interest rate of 6.71%, slightly belo…

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D-day for Portugal?

Tomorrow is set to be a big day for Portugal, as it hopes to find buyers for between €750m to €1.25bn of bonds – not a small feat. As the markets turn up the heat, investors think it’s increasingly unlikely that Portugal will make the grade.Ahead o…

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Sounds familiar?

1) Country X faces spiralling borrowing costs2) EU leaders rush to say that there’s nothing to worry about, but have a pop at Anglo-Saxon ‘speculators’, while the ECB buys more junk bonds to ease market fears3) Country X’s borrowing costs continue …

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