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Painting in the Royal Gallery – the Duke of Wellington with Field Marshal Blucher at the Battle of Waterloo – harking back to an earlier age of Anglo-German cooperation.Angela Merkel will visit London on 27th February, in what will be, no doubt, a…

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Waking up to ‘Europe’

Parliament’s stance against the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights to give prisoners a vote has again inspired UK commentators to take a closer look at ‘Europe’.The right of prisoners to vote is an ECHR issue – not an EU one (the ECHR…

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How important is Clause 18?

Is Cameron facing defeat over the EU Bill tomorrow? Some have flagged up that prospect though we suspect the Bill will see it through tomorrow’s debate in the Commons unscathed (backbench Tory MPs have differing priorities, Labour MPs are a bit all ove…

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