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Flip-flopping Clegg

Nick Clegg didn’t exactly come across as coherent in last night’s debate between party leaders when David Cameron challenged him on the fact that the Lib Dem manifesto still calls for the UK to join the euro.This was the exchange:David Cameron: “pe…

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We confess that we are getting a touch of whiplash trying to keep up with the Lib Dems’ constant to-ing and fro-ing over their position on a referendum on the ‘EU question’.As you might remember, the Lib Dems backed a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in…

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Surprise surprise

Now that the Lisbon Treaty is safely in force (as of yesterday) the Lib Dems have predictably abandoned their support for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership.The tactic to support such a referendum was nothing more than a pathetically transparent a…

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