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With Greece’s bailout programme due to expire today, and an 11th hour request by Greek PM Tsipras for a third bailout package immediately shot down by Merkel, the referendum on Sunday will be a decisive moment for Greece’s future in the Eurozone. Maligned by the Tsipras government, Europe’s power-players are now taking their pleas directly to the Greek people – in a series of rather extraordinary interventions into domestic Greek politics.

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Open Europe’s Stephen Booth argues that it would be a mistake for David Cameron to pursue a purely technocratic EU negotiation behind closed doors. Publicly preparing the political groundwork for an ambitious deal at home and abroad will broaden the scope of what can be agreed in the inevitable smoke-filled room in Brussels.

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When Syriza was catapulted into office early this year, the expectation was that it would bow to creditors’ demands and sign another extend-and-pretend agreement, this may still come to pass – granted, only in the 11th hour. But will Tsipras be able to get his parliament to back it, and will Greece get the money in time? Open Europe looks at the challenges ahead if a deal is agreed for Greece.

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As Eurozone Finance Minister prepare to continue talks with the bloc’s problem child – Greece – in Luxembourg this afternoon, chances of striking a deal today look slim, as Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis admitted himself. With no breakthrough expected, the mood music around the talks is what we should watch. Will Greece and its lenders agree to resume technical discussions? Will there be any signs of convergence? Or will both sides just stick to their positions? Open Europe follows.

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