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George Osborne has grounds to be cheerful as the Office of Budget Responsibility forecasts the UK’s EU budget contribution will fall in 2016/17, around the time of the potential referendum. However, Open Europe’s Pawel Swidlicki argues that rather than rely on uncertain assumptions, the UK should still push for radical reform of EU spending.

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EU red tape imposes a significant cost on the UK economy – according to the Government’s own assessments, this now stands at £33.3bn. However, as Open Europe’s Pawel Swidlicki demonstrates, leaving the EU would not necessarily reduce this burden; specifically, if the UK were to adopt the ‘Norway model’ post Brexit the majority of the costs would remain locked in place.

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In light of the extraordinary rise of Podemos, it has been clear for some time that the next Spanish general elections will put an end to the country’s traditional two-party system. But the recent poll surge of another contender, the centrist party Ciudadanos, suggests Spain may be on course to become a four-party country. Our Southern Europe expert Vincenzo Scarpetta introduces Ciudadanos and looks at the potential implications of its ‘irruption’ on the Spanish national political scene.

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Sweeping to office after their landslide victory in January’s Greek elections, Syriza has promised to shakeup how the system operates in a major way. Former Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink warns, however, that change is hard to come by, examining Greek attempts to create a land registry – ongoing since 1994, and for which it has received millions in EU funding.

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