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The script is written and the scene is set: Cameron will go down fighting in his bid to prevent Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming the Commission President with only Viktor Orban for company. While this has earned him some relatively positive headlines in the British press, the German press has not wasted an opportunity to stick the boot in.

According to Bild, “Cameron is becoming more and more the Wayne Rooney of EU politics: he lines up, he loses, he goes home.” The paper adds that:

“Great Britain and Hungary – this is not the strongest alliance in the EU. This could be a foretaste of what could happen if the Brits decide leave the EU in the 2017 referendum announced by Cameron. Instead of taking part in the largest and most economically significant association of states in the world, the Brits will be locked outside. The relevance and influence of Great Britain will fall dramatically.”  

Die Welt describes Cameron as “the loneliest man in Europe”, and earlier this week likened him to “Rambo” – running in head first all guns blazing. FAZ’s London correspondent Jochen Buchsteiner describes the Cameron as the “Don Quixote” of EU politics, noting that “a majority of Brits see him as a hero – even when he comes back home beaten.”

Of those three, we suspect Rambo is the most favourable comparison, even if it was not meant as such. At least, Rambo is usually the only guy left standing once the credits start to roll. 

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