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Day two of the Open Europe / Fresh Start #EUReform conference saw a thriving exchange of reform ideas between panelists and conference delegates, viral Twitter action for #EUReform via the Twitter wall, as well as numerous media interviews. 

Eva Kjer Hansen, Chair of the EU Affairs Committee the Danish Parliament discussing the role of national parliaments in the EU.
Swedish columnist Katrine Kielos of Aftonbladet moderated the “Where does democractic authority lie” panel.

Susanna Koski , President of Youth Wing of the National Coalition Party (Finland) and Cecilia Ackerman of Citi in discussion.
German CDU MP  Klaus-Peter Willsch debating how to make the EU more accountable to its member states during a roundtable  discussion with Eva Kjer Hansen, Chair of of the European Affairs Committee (Liberal party) at the Danish Parliament, and Fresh Start MP Chris Heaton-Harris who is member of the European Scrutiny Committee
Several screens showed the lively #EUReform exchange on Twitter
Irish Minister for European Affairs Paschal Donohoe debating with conference delegates

Open Europe’s Nina Schick with Fresh Start Project co-founder Andrea Leadsom MP (left) and Latvian MP Daina Kazaka (right)

Irish Minister for European Affairs Paschal Donohoe interviewed by Open Europe’s Nina Schick.
Ebba Busch, Deputy Mayor of Uppsala and one of the top MEP candidate for Sweden’s governing Christian Democrats on the Future of Europe Panel.
MPs from around Europe getting involved in the #EUreform agenda.
Open Europe’s Nina Schick moderating the final panel of the Conference.

Rachida Dati, MEP and Deputy President of the French UMP Party, in an TV interview before her keynote speech in which she called for a “realist revolution” in Europe.

 Susanna Koski, President of the National Coalition Party’s Youth Leage (Finland) adresses the Conference during the Future of Europe Panel.

Angel Martin Oro, Director of the Economic Trends Reporter (Spain) in conversation with a fellow delegate.


 Delegates attend the interactive round-table discussions.

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