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Thumbs up to EU Reform but is he for real?

Lord Mandelson on the BBC’s Today programme earler stated that:

I think that reform and change in Europe is what is wanted by the British public and I think that is needed in Europe…

 He went on to argue that:

The Government should this year go quietly patiently but persistently setting out its reform agenda in the rest of Europe winning those arguments and gaining allies.

Quite… But you would be right to be cynical, given his history, as to why he is saying this now on the day the EU Referendum Bill is being debated in the Lords (Lord M was once in favour but is now against). On the referendum, he was a bit slippery, to say the least. 
But still, this is surely a sign of the changing mood. Even Lord Mandelson is wary of being seen as backing the status quo and sees the need to champion EU ‘reform’. We’re very much looking forward to hear what, exactly, he means by “reform”…
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