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Despite presenting a ubiquitous front on our blog, our team does often have varying views on the issues we cover. As on twitter, there has been a debate going on within the office about the ins and outs of the German elections – everything from “Veggie Day” to whether the anti-euro AfD will make it into the Bundestag. And, of course, what type of coalition will be formed.

We all agree it will be a close run thing. But below we lay out each of our analysts predictions. Feel free to stick your own in the comments! (Click to enlarge)

Interestingly, it’s five to four thinking the AfD will just fall short of the threshold, reflecting what we agree can be a case of AfD being underestimated in the polls. But six to three in terms of backing for a ‘Grand Coalition’ – which, in aggregate, must be considered a bit of a revision in favour of a grand coalition from what we laid out in our pre-election briefing. There’s also one rogue analyst predicting FDP won’t get in at all…

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