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Peer Steinbrück, the SPD’s Chancellor Candidate graces the front cover of today’s Süddeutsche Magazine unapologetically flicking the bird.

Here’s Steinbrück’s picture interview in full, (quick fire questions, with ‘wordless answers’):

” You’re called Mishap Peer, Problem Peer, Peerlusconi — you’ve got no worries about being given nice nicknames?”

“Mr. Steinbrück, you and your wife have been married for 38 years. Your advice on a long and happy marriage?”

“Only 26% would vote currently for the SPD. Is that because of you?”

“The FDP leader Philipp Rösler says you don’t have capabilities to be Chancellor. Do you have a message for him?”

“Do you still wear a vest under your shirt?”

“On  scale of one-10: how good is Angela Merkel as a crisis manager? (1= terrible, 10= expert.)”

“How would you react if the Greens go into coalition with the CDU/CSU after the election due to a lack of alternatives?”

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