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As we noted in our previous blog post, Syria has again shown that the EU holds almost as many foreign policy positions as there are states – though we should also remember that this is an extremely complex and senstitive situation.
However, as we also note below, EU countries seem to be coalesing around at least three positions at present. One group – the UK, France and Denmark – is commited to military action with or without the UN. The second group are the definite ‘outs’ and the largest group is made up of those still waiting to make up their minds. Added to that there is perhaps a fourth group made up of a number of smaller states who have not expressed a clear opinion.
The table below divided the 28 EU member states into these four groups, based on our reading of the current stated positions. This is of course a very fluid table – heavily dependent on evidence, events and developments – and as ever, we welcome reader comments in case we’ve missed something or if a country’s position changes.
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