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I am shocked to find that the US has been spying

Earlier in the week President Hollande was calling for the EU USA trade talks to be broken off following allegations of US spying.

Today Le Monde reports on “Révélations sur le Big Brother français” which details the French Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure (DGSE)’s world wide spying network nick named ‘Frenchelon‘ which includes their own version of the US system PRISM, which, according to Le Monde, includes a giant computer storing data gleaned from phones. Interestingly their network also includes a base at Mutzig conveniently close to the German border!

So what do we make of this? Well obviously, unless they are very poor spies, the French and US/UK operations know what each other are up to. So why call for the trade talks to be stopped? Well perhaps you never wanted them in the first place… Will Hollande now go quiet?

French ship: Dupuy de Lôme – giant golf anyone?
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