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Update 11:00 GMT 18/03/2013

Sources told Spanish news agency EFE that the Cypriot government and the Troika have agreed to cut the levy on depositors with less than €100,000 to 3% and and increased the levy on those with more than that to 12.5%, but we haven’t seen this confirmed by anyone else so treat with care.

Update 09:15 GMT 18/03/2013:

The WSJ is reporting that Cyprus could seek a further division amongst uninsured depositors (which @MatinaStevis tweeted already yesterday). According to the paper, the Cypriot government is pushing for 3% on below €100,000, 10% on between €100,000 to €500,000 and 15% on €500,000+. There are no clear figures on how much each individual levy will raise, although Germany is said to be open to the idea as long as the total of €5.8bn remains.

The Cypriot parliament will vote on the deal at 2pm GMT, with eurozone finance ministers due to have a teleconference at some point later this afternoon.

Original post

As we reported yesterday, the Cypriot government is now scrambling to renegotiate the deal which has created such an outcry in Cyprus. Germany and the IMF will not budge on the headline figure or that the money must come from a deposit levy (the only option to raise this sort of cash anyway), however, they do not mind which depositors pay it or at what rates.
This has led to suggestions that the rates could be adjusted to increase the cost on large uninsured depositors and reduce the impact on smaller insured depositors – this would probably be both legally and politically more acceptable.
So how could it be structured? Well, Cyprus has around €30bn in insured deposits below €100,000 and €38bn of uninsured deposits above €100,000. See table below for potential structures (click to enlarge):
Option 1 seems to be what is currently under discussion. Option 2 might be politically popular, although the impact on business and investment could be significant. One thing that is clear, as we have repeated over the weekend, is that this deal remains in flux.

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