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The concept of a ‘flexible Europe’ seems to translate across borders. In a joint letter to the Dutch Parliament, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem have reiterated the government’s position that it wants countries to have the right to opt out of individual EU policies, such as the Schengen zone and the eurozone, or from the EU altogether.

Here are the relevant bits from the letter:

“Following the request by member Schouten to the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister (issue number 2013Z01025) for a letter about the exit from the eurozone, we report as following.  

The cabinet introduced in its coalition agreement that it should be possible under mutual consideration to exit from the community arrangements (Schengen, eurozone, European Union). This requires in the case of the eurozone and Schengen a treaty change as the current EU treaty does not foresee this possibility.”

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