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Remember our EU budget ‘veto team’? Well, the next European Council summit – entirely devoted to negotiations over the 2014-2020 EU budget – is only one week away, and the sequence of veto threats may have just begun all over again.

Guess who fired the starting gun (clue: not David Cameron)? It was Italy’s outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti. He told a conference in Brussels yesterday,

“There would be no coherence between what everyone is saying about the need for growth and the adoption of an inadequate [long-term EU] budget…The orgy of cuts that certain countries want to apply is inconsistent. Therefore, I’m not sure that it would be irresponsible for a country to disagree with a budget proposal which is inadequate.” 

That is, a veto threat, Monti-style. This has just started, so keep following us on Twitter @OpenEurope for real-time updates.

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