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Following the collapse of talks on the draft 2013 EU budget (this was prior to last week’s talks on the long-term EU budget), the European Commission was sent back to the drawing board and asked to come up with a new proposal. The new draft has been published today and…there is a rather strong sense of déjà vu – it is essentially the same proposal EU member states and MEPs could not agree on two weeks ago.
This is the table comparing the two drafts (click to enlarge):

CA = Commitment Appropriations (the maximum amount of money allocated to each heading)
PA = Payment Appropriations (the maximum amount of money which is actually going to be disbursed)

So, basically, the total reduction in payments proposed by the European Commission is less than €127 million. The justification is the usual one: EU member states have committed to a series of projects which are now about to be finalised – and there are outstanding bills to be paid. But, if you are a government under an EU-mandated austerity programme – or a a household – you are forced to prioritise and find savings when there is not enough money in the pot.

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