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The key trend in Greek opinion polls holds steady: voters back anti-austerity parties in great numbers but  remain committed to staying in the euro in equally great numbers. The latest Public Issue poll released yesterday put the radical left Syriza as the largest party with 30% of the vote, New Democracy on 26% and Pasok on 15%. The figures suggest a surge in support for Syriza but also a move back towards the larger parties, with smaller parties falling in the polls.

Interestingly, a poll from Ipsos suggests that 70% of Greeks would vote to keep the euro if a referendum on the issue were held today, this compares to 50% of Italians, 62% of French, 51% of Germans and 55% of Spaniards. Interestingly, 38% of Italians would vote to leave the euro if a referendum was held today – that’s quite high given the country’s traditional support for the single currency.

On a less surprising note, from today’s Die Welt we learn that fears over Greece leaving the euro has triggered yet more Greek tax evasion. Greek tax revenues between January and April were €500m lower than anticipated in the 2012 budget, while April’s takings fell by 13% on the previous year.

That is not a good sign.

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