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Guess who?

Here’s a game for you. Guess who said the following: 

11 March (part one)

“We can’t leave the management of migratory flows only to the technocrats and the courts. We need a common discipline for border controls. It must be possible to sanction, suspend or expel from [the EU’s border-free area] a non-compliant country.”

11 March (part two)

“Only firms which produce in Europe will benefit from Europe’s public money.

23 April

“[We] don’t want a ‘colander Europe’ anymore. This is the message I’ve heard. A Europe that doesn’t control migratory flows is finished.”

27 April

“I propose that, if we have not obtained reciprocity with our biggest [trade] partners at the European level within one year, we apply the following rule unilaterally: We will reserve all our public markets.”

29 April

“Europe has let the nation state weaken too much. Nowadays, the countries that believe in national spirit are the countries that make gains…Without borders, there’s no nation, no state, no republic, no civilisation.”

Pretty tough stuff. So who is it? Someone from the UK Independence Party? An activist form the (True) Finns? An MEP from Lega Nord? A eurosceptic socialist?

All wrong. It’s Nicolas Sarkozy (in his efforts to fish in Le Pen waters).

But no one would dare call him ‘anti-European’ of course…

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