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Today’s Le Monde has a juicy example of one of the upcoming policy priorities in the European Commission’s in-tray. A study* has apparently been submitted to the Commission recommending the introduction of EU-wide standards to reduce the amount of ener…

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Playing With Fire

Before we start:

For our Italian-speaking readers, you can listen to our interview with the European Council on Foreign Relations on the situation in Italy and its potential implications for the future of the single currency.

Now straight to the p…

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Pushing the limit

In the early hours of this morning, Spain’s ruling Socialist party, PSOE, and the conservative opposition, PP party, brokered a deal on amending the constitution to include limits on public deficit and debt. An idea that was pushed by Germany and Franc…

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Last week we asked in passing when Swedish PM Frederik Reinfeldt would drop his support for Sweden joining the euro. Well, it turns out that he may not have to, as the main opposition party – the Social Democrats – have made that decision for him. Tomm…

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