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As we noted yesterday, EU-IMF mandated austerity is beinging things close to boiling point on the streets of Athens.

Portuguese sources are reporting this morning that Chairman of the EuroGroup Jean-Claude Juncker has received “death threats” from Greece.

And the German tabloid Bild today reports that a delegation of German MPs who visited Greece in May were threatened by Greek socialist MP Maria Skrafnaki, who said that “if you don’t support our country (…) then your countrymen will know the same fate as those during the second world war in Crete”. If accurate, it’s hard to get any harsher than that. CSU MP Michael Hennrich told the newspaper that “Greek Parliament Speaker Philippos Petsalnikos has insulted us in the same way”, which was denied by the latter.

Apparently, the WWII reference was not translated for the German MPs at the time, and only surfaced recently, which is why it took so long for the story to come out.

With further austerity on the way in the form of a second Greek bailout, things may sadly get even uglier. Again we pose the question, what is the political breaking point?

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