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Usually mild mannered Swedish politicians have certainly displayed an unusual willingness to communicate strong opinions on European political issues of late. After some forthright comments on twitter from foreign minister Carl Bildt on Lybia recently, we now have finance minister Anders Borg eviscerating Gordon Brown’s reputation and lingering chances of becoming the new head of the IMF.

Speaking to Jeff Randall on Sky News, Borg said:

“It would be difficult to have a person that is so responsible for the fiscal crisis in the UK at the helm of the IMF… a country with a 10% deficit is I think a little bit problematic… the IMF today is very much about restoring fiscal responsibility”

Borg went on to tell Svenska Dagbladet that:

“He has been one of those who has argued for the deficit politics that we now see the results of. It would be odd to argue for him.”

For Gordon Brown, the self-styled saviour of the world, that has got to hurt. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to hear politicians who are not afraid of speaking their mind.

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