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Law of averages

In a speech in Oslo today, EU President Herman Van Rompuy talked about the sound fundamentals of eurozone economies. He references the average growth of 2%, the average deficit of 4.5% and the strength of the euro as evidence for his claim.To his mind …

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European Commission plans to ban petrol-fuelled cars from city centres by 2050 have led to general outrage all over Europe.UK Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “We will not be banning cars from city centres any more than we will be having rectang…

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Darling drops a bomb

Alistair Darling hit out at David Cameron and George Osborne today for trying to put all the blame for the UK’s participation in the €60bn European bailout fund (the EFSM) onto the previous Labour government.Darling said:”When you referred to the d…

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