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A familiar showdown

Negotiations over the size and shape of the EU budget post-2013 are just around the corner. Expect no surprises about what the main battlegrounds will be (clue: the CAP and the UK rebate).UK Chancellor George Osborne has already sent a clear message to…

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Open Europe published a new briefing earlier this week, looking at the creation of three new EU supervisors to oversee the insurance, banking and securities sectors. The proposal also paves way for the creation of a so-called European Systemic Risk Boa…

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Going Dutch or going bust

Last week, three associations of Dutch pension funds’ issued a quite startling warning to the Dutch Parliament: “If interest rates remain so low” they said “the the entire pensions system will be undermined”, adding that insurers could take a seriou…

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What guy?

Tony Blair’s memoirs, released earlier today, reveal that while Bush junior was in the White House he, like many others, found the EU hard to get his head around. The Telegraph reports that in a 2001 G8 summit in Genoa, Bush was confused by the pres…

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