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If you’re still making up your mind on Lisbon, see here for the dozens of pleas from pro-democracy people all over the EU, urging a ‘no’ vote:

Here’s a handful of some of the latest comments:

Leo Beata, Sweden:

“To the Irish people, please vote “NO” .. for Europe, for a little bit of democracy, for sovereinity, for some power to the small countries…In Sweden we were promised exceptions when we were to vote for the EU-membership 14 years ago. Today they are all gone, and EU roles our lives and we just have to obey… For a peaceful future, please vote “NO” on friday.”

Ninetta Donizetti, Italy:

“Europe has been bullying Ireland for too long! It’s time Ireland and its people were treated with respect.”

Tim Spencer, UK:

“Everyone in Europe should have the right to vote on this treaty. We are being treated with contempt. Where is the democracy in the EU?”

Gudrun Sievers, Germany:

“All european People looked for Ireland because in Germany we can not speak for yes or no to die Lisbon Treaty. The Idea of EU is fantastic, but not enough democracy – but we can not vote! Many Peoples (80%) are not for die Treaty! in Germany! Good Luck for the Vote. Please say no!”

Lave Broch, Denmark:

“Lisbon Treaty is the wrong way for Europe. The treaty does not make changes to EU’s custom union towards the rest of the world and it strengthens the militarization of EU. It is also very undemocratic that only the Irish people got a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and it is even more undemocratic that the Irish no in the first referendum was not respected.”

G. Kissamitakis, Greece:

“IRELAND PLEASE VOTE NO!!! Greece, the place where Democracy was born, denied our right to vote!!! I ASK YOU TO VOTE NO to the LISBON TREATY ON BEHALF OF ALL GREEKS AND EUROPEAN CITIZENS!!!”

Martha Browne, Ireland:

“An appeal to my fellow citizens, cast your vote correctly in the NO box. If not, it could be the last chance to vote for anything meaningful ever again.”

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