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BBC: Utterly unacceptable

Sophie Raworth, reading from the autocue live on the BBC One O’Clock news, has just made this quite unbelievable introduction to a piece on events in Ireland today:

“The people of Ireland return to the polls today in a referendum on whether to accept the Lisbon Treaty on enlarging the European Union.”

Hat-tip to friends in Northern Ireland who alerted us to this.

This is a quite unacceptable distortion of the facts – the Treaty has nothing to do with enlargement, otherwise we might be campaigning for a ‘yes’ vote. This Treaty is about giving the EU more powers. What is the BBC on?

We’ve made a complaint – and we urge everyone else out there to do so too, and as soon as possible. The same piece reported that most people in Ireland are still to vote, many of whom may not yet have made up their minds. This kind of ridiculous and false statement might just tip the balance.

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